Warsaw Edition

Frequently asked questions


.NET DeveloperDays 2024 main conference takes place on October 22-23, 2023 (Tuesday – Wednesday), with full-day pre-conference sessions (optional) taking place on Monday, October 21st and full-day post-conference sessions (also optional) taking place on Thursday, October 24th.

What Is This Conference About?

The conference is about software development using .NET Framework. At the conference, you will hear about programming languages, technologies, tools and practical problems that every person working with .NET can encounter.
Topics of sessions include C#, F#, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Xamarin, architecture, project management and related. Full agenda will be available soon.

My Company Is VAT Registered In EU. Do I Have To Pay VAT On My Registration?

Since the place of service delivery is in Poland, we have to charge VAT on top of the net amount and the “reverse charge” scheme does not apply in this case (it’s different from export of services or goods to another EU country). You can, however, reclaim the paid VAT from Polish tax authorities under EU VAT return scheme. More on that here: http://europa.eu/youreurope/business/vat-customs/refund/index_en.htm.

In What Language Will The Sessions Be Presented?

The official conference language is English. All conference sessions will be presented in English.

Should I Enroll For Particular Sessions?

No, conference sessions don’t demand additional enrollment. However, if you are registered for one of full-day training sessions on October 17 or on October 20, you are assigned to this session. Change of full-day training session that you are registered for is possible not later than 14 days before the event, using a user panel of registration system.

Can I Change Pre-Con/Post-Con Session After Registration?

Yes, you can inform us after registration via e-mail (info@developerdays.pl) that you want to change your pre-con/post-con session to the different one. The deadline for such changes is October 11, 2024.

I Can’t Go To The Event, But There’s A Person Who Would Like To Attend The Event Instead Of Me. What Should We Do?

Please log in to your account in registration system and click the “Edit registration” button. Make all necessary changes, next click “Save” and confirm. Both you and new Partcipant will receive the e-mail confirmation. Prepare the following information:

– first name, last name (of new Participant)
– email address
– t-shirt size
– participation in conference party (no/alone/with accompanying person)
– current job position
– job experience

Will The Registration Be Open After The Keynote Starts?

Yes – registration will be open almost all day – till 5 p.m.

I Need A Visa To Enter Poland. Can You Help?

Sure! As soon as you register and pay for your participation in the conference, contact us and we will prepare a visa invitation letter for you. After registration and payment, please contact us for your visa invitation letter. We will need your full name, date of birth, nationality and passport number. In the unlikely case that your visa application is refused, we will refund your conference fee in full (requires a consulate statement denying visa).


.NET DeveloperDays will be held in EXPO XXI in Warsaw, at Prądzyńskiego 12/14. Visit the venue page for more information about the venue.

I Haven’t Received Any Confirmation That I’m Registered For The Conference. Can I Arrive To Warsaw Without Any Fear?

The electronic ticket, that you problably received on your e-mail inbox, is the confirmation of participation in the event. If you lost it, don’t panic – we’ll send tickets to all Attendees the few days before the event. Even if you were absent at the list of attendees, you would take part in the event after quick payment at the service desk.

Can I Pay By Credit Card?

You can pay by credit card via PayPal. During registration please choose PayPal as your payment method and send your payment via PayPal to the e-mail address indicated on your proforma invoice.

When Will My Company Receive A Paper Invoice?

According to point IV.4 of the Regulations available at registration system, we don’t send paper invoices. According to Polish law, unsigned invoice has the same importance as signed – thus, in order to get paper invoice, it’s enough to print the electronic version of it.

How Do I Get There?

Warsaw is very well connected, both within Poland as well as internationally. Warsaw has two major airports: Okęcie Airport which serves traditional airlines flying to a huge number of destinations within Europe, and Modlin Airport (located 35km from the city center) which serves low-cost airlines flying to destinations in Western Europe.

Is There A Place Where I Can Leave My Luggage During The Conference?

The venue has a cloakroom available all day.

Can I Park My Car At The Venue?

Yes, there is a paid parking lot at the venue.

Will There Be WiFi Available?

Yes, we will have a WiFi available for the conference attendees.